Friday, July 16, 2010

Dr. Dad

Jaxon and Sage had their first official visit to the dentist yesterday.  You’d think I was taking them to Disneyland with how excited they were.027 030

It was fun hearing everyone call him doctor.  I still can’t believe he’s actually a dentist.  I just never thought the day would come!032

We love our Doctor Dad!

Be in a parade

During our fabulous 4th of July I had Jaxon get up and be part of the parade for our live list.  I tried to get Sage up there too, but she was a bit more wary.  I guess is wasn’t quite as exciting as I thought it might be.  Maybe we’ll try this one again!

In other news, our Independence Day was spent in Idaho Falls with Jarom, Tara and baby Ava.


We covered all our bases. 

Parade, check.  Naps, check.  Junk food, check.  Fireworks, check. 

 006 023 045 038 036

This was Jake’s project while we were waiting for the fireworks to start

016 022 014

What a fantastic holiday!