Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Post

I really wanted to get this post done before Christmas day, so I will take advantage of this time where the kids are in bed but WIRED, and will be out to visit many, many times in the next hour. 

This has been one fun, crazy month.  We got some serious snow and took full advantage of it.  Snowball fights, sledding, and LOTS of hot chocolate.  Jake is a bit of a hot chocolate junkie.  The kids benefit greatly from it! IMG_1173

We found and decorated our perfect Christmas tree, we prefer Nobel Firs.    IMG_1181 IMG_1192

Visited Santa and let him know the things we wanted this year.  Jaxon would like a Lego Slave 1, and Sage would like a Barbie Car.  Hazel would be happy with a big box of Cheerios.  She’s crawling now, and it’s ADORABLE!  She does a little army crawl that none of my other kids have done, and she is quick.  Since she’s learned that trick we have found many foreign objects in her mouth.  So we like to keep a fairy decent sized stack of Cheerios nearby to keep her occupied!IMG_1220 

We got an awesome week long visit from Heather and made gingerbread houses while she was here.  It was way more fun than any of us expected it to be!IMG_1223

We made a super quick trip to Utah to see friends and family.  It was worth every penny we paid in gas. 

IMG_1236 IMG_1247

We also stopped by Temple Square on the way out.  It brought back happy memories of my childhood and helped my son feel the true meaning of Christmas.  IMG_1248 IMG_1251

I was in charge of our Ward Christmas program, and it went beautifully.  I love being the ward choir director and feeling the power that music has.  It was a fantastic Sunday.

And then today, on fabulous Christmas Eve, we were as busy as could be.  We stopped by the discovery museum this morning, then went to sing at a retirement center.  I love being able to have the kids sing their fun songs for the people there.  Just leaves you with all sorts of warm fuzzies.  Then we made lots of cookies, brought them to friends, came home, ate steak and other deliciousness, watched Polar Express, opened our Christmas pajamas, read and acted out the Christmas story from Luke 2, sang carols, left cookies and milk for Santa, and read Christmas books.  Whew!! :)  And like I mentioned at the beginning, the kids are now in bed just giddy with what’s to come.  Christmas is so magical, I love it.  007

Merry Christmas everyone!!003 012