Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving morning

My kids are just full of Thanksgiving this morning, and so I wrote down their lists as they rattled them off to me.  Very sweet. 

Jaxon is thankful for:


Live with Jesus again

Jesus and heavenly Father

Christmas is real

presents for Christmas


mom and dad


The baby in mommy’s tummy (surprise?)



Baby Jesus



And Sage is thankful for:


Holly (said 6 times)


Princess book

Ballerina book


And I am thankful for so many many things.  My handsome husband and sweet little children, Heather, for her amazing example to me and for those sweet African children she is helping.  Heidi, for her example, and making these past 3 1/2 years so much fun!  For John and his kindness and willingness to always help out, Michael for making me want to somehow be able to touch people with my voice as he does to me with his, Mark for his humor and respect, my dad for his passion for life and for his love.  I’m so glad I grew up in a family of 6, because I can’t imagine my life without every one of these people in it.  For Rick for putting up with me, for Stacie and her capacity to love and give, for Mikalann for her sweet personality and willingness to put up with my brother, for Mirm and her a perfect example of what a loving wife should be.  I grateful for each and everyone of my friends who have shaped and influenced me throughout my life.  For an apartment that has been perfect for us, for Jake’s upcoming graduation and for moving on.  Oh gosh…..I’ve opened a can of worms here.  I could go on all day.  But most of all, I am grateful for a loving Savior who has made it possible to live with my family again.  Also I am thankful for my mom.  For somehow shaping me in 10 short years into the person that I would become.  For her love that she has for me that has sustained me through so many tough times, and for her presence in my life even still. 


Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Silly night

My kids are hilarious sometimes.  And this was one of those times.  We told Jaxon he could have  a piece of French bread, and this is the piece he choose.  Jake offered him $1000 if he could finish it before bed.  Luckily he wasn’t able to, because we really don’t have $1000 to give to our 5 year old. 049

Next thing we know, Jaxon is dressing up Sage, and Sage knew just how funny it was, just look at that laughing face.  She’s just a goof ball.


  After we had been laughing about Jaxon eating all the bread, Sage needed her chance to try.  Who knew French bread could be so much fun.056 054053

Of course Jake wanted in on the action.  I sure do love my crazy family.057

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This morning the kids saw some peacocks outside our back door, so I broke the rules a bit and gave them each a piece of bread to feed to them.  By the time the kids had finished throwing out the bread (2 minutes top), we had gone from 2 peacocks to 9!  I quickly made them come inside, just in case they thought little fingers and toes looked appetizing as well.063

Friday, November 13, 2009

Good Morning…shhhh

My throat hurts really bad this morning, so I’ve had to whisper to my kids. It’s hilarious. Sage has asked “what?” maybe 100 times, and Jaxon doesn’t seem to notice that I’m not responding to any of the million of stories he tells me in a morning. I don’t know that I’d survive long without a voice with my two noisy kids!

And here’s some fun little videos. The first is for Aunt Heather. Hopefully you’ll get your package soon, and you can see that it was packed with love from the little ones, the 2nd one was after we got our webcam and were trying out all the fun voice changing features. I’ve seen it so many times, and I laugh every time. :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hum, I need to post

Remember how I’m supposed to post a lot?  It’s harder than I thought it would be.  So in news today, my TV broke last night, and already we found a replacement!  And here I thought I was going to go without for awhile.  Whatever,  I need my nightly escape!

I guess I’ll post about a fun time we had this summer.  When we went to Snohomish to visit Nana and Papa, Joe took us salmon fishing.  So, being the kind, supportive, and loving wife and mother that I am I woke up too early, bundled the little ones, and was off.  We had a good time, and since I didn’t do much fishing, I took a lot of pictures.  I’ll share a few.

Sage enjoying the fresh air035 Waiting to get into the boat021 Papa catching a fish.  026

“Mom, get me out of here!!!041

After I took this picture of Jake he promptly chased me with the dead grossness.  YUCK!


As much as a love fall, I guess I do kind of miss summer.