Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hum, I need to post

Remember how I’m supposed to post a lot?  It’s harder than I thought it would be.  So in news today, my TV broke last night, and already we found a replacement!  And here I thought I was going to go without for awhile.  Whatever,  I need my nightly escape!

I guess I’ll post about a fun time we had this summer.  When we went to Snohomish to visit Nana and Papa, Joe took us salmon fishing.  So, being the kind, supportive, and loving wife and mother that I am I woke up too early, bundled the little ones, and was off.  We had a good time, and since I didn’t do much fishing, I took a lot of pictures.  I’ll share a few.

Sage enjoying the fresh air035 Waiting to get into the boat021 Papa catching a fish.  026

“Mom, get me out of here!!!041

After I took this picture of Jake he promptly chased me with the dead grossness.  YUCK!


As much as a love fall, I guess I do kind of miss summer.


hedrad said...

I'm with Sage on the whole get me out of here. Fishing's no fun but you sure made it look exciting. Poor fish.


I like to fish...the quiet outdoors in the morning...but I DO NOT BAIT MY HOOK..poor worms...and I DO NOT TAKE THE HOOK OUT OF THE FISH....and I DO NOT GUT them...Eat them?? Yes sometimes if the eyes aren't staring at me still. =)
And as for posting for heather....she's not the only person on the planet that misses you! Love ya!