Monday, March 28, 2011


Cousins with cat shirts


Sunday night fort building, baby liked it best of all


Rainbows after rainy days


Preece Chocolates, especially the kissums (YUM)

preece specialty3

These girls


this boy


This man, and this picture of this man.  Hot stuff


Love….my life

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Baby Envy

I’m a bit envious of my baby right now.


What I wouldn’t give for someone to put me in a nice soft bed that I couldn’t get out of, wrap a blanket around me and softly tell me to just go to sleep. 

So far today I’ve had spit up all over my bed and myself, a bowel movement that occurred right after taking a diaper off, but right before making it to the bath, NON-STOP chatter about Star Wars, Pokemon, and other such little boy things,  4 or 5 tantrums from my sweet, but often angry, Sage, and it’s only 9:00am. 

So as I laid my baby down and rubbed her back as her eyes grew drowsy, I found myself wishing it were me instead.


Lucky girl

Friday, March 4, 2011

Fast-forward a month

Okay, starting today.  Not much to say really, pretty average day.  But yesterday was special for this reason alone.

P3030132 P3030127 P3030128 P3030131

This girl brings me crazy amounts of happiness.  I love her to teeny tiny pieces. 

Before that we had some birthday’s to celebrate.  I made a cake for one, (my sweet neighbor turning 16)


and green eggs for the other, (Dr. Seuss of course)


Before that, Sage got glitterized and we celebrated Jake’s 33rd birthday!P2280117

Unlike myself, Jake likes to keep his birthdays simple, so the kids and I made up a list of games to play for the birthday party after he got home from work, and then we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  Yum!  He took the next day off so we kept the celebration going throughout the weekend.  Ending with another trip to Tucanos….I’m sick of the place now.  Too much meat!


And before that, we went to Portland to check out Heidi’s new digs.  And boy are they nice! :)

This kid is crazY!  Just look at that face.  Poor Hazel didn’t stand a chance against his loving rage.  P2200100 P2190091 P2200092

These pictures make me a teeny bit sad.  Can I come back please?  The time was spent eating, and playing games mostly.  Because that’s what we do best!  I also spent a lot of time running up and down stairs.  Heidi has her own gym now.  Oh, and we got to skype our most awesome sister Heather.  That’s her.  She’s in Africa changing the worldP2190087

Before that, we celebrated Valentines day.  I was going to do an cute tutorial post on how to make my fun Valentines, but then I realized that I’m not really a tutorial kind of girl, so I didn’t.  But I got some cute pictures out of the deal.  So here it is, a month late. 
First, you have to get the perfect picture.  That took twice with Sage.P2090051 P2090050

Jaxon, on the other hand, wasn’t quite so cooperative. P2100052 P2100053 P2100054 P2100055 P2100056 P2100057 P2100058 P2100059 P2100060

Then doll the picture up using Photoshop


Next you cut slits in the picture by the hands so it can hold the suckerP2110066

Then have the kiddos place the sucker through the picture, and tape the back and tada!

P2110061 P2110064  P2110068   

Cute little 3D valentine.  We made these last year too, and they are always a big hit.  

We also had a fantastic little party with some friends to end our Valentines night.  It was wonderful.


And now I’m caught up!  I wish I could catch the blogging bug again, because I sure miss it.