Thursday, December 25, 2008

After at least 24 hours of airports and planes trying to get home, there's just one thing I have to say


I'll be home for Christmas, you can count on me


Please have snow


And mistletoe


And presents under the tree


Christmas Eve will find me, where the love light beams


I'll be home for Christmas, not only in my dreams!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Box

My life is richly blessed.  It seems each year at Christmastime something happens that makes me realize how grateful I am for the life I have.  This year it came in a box. 

My dearest friend Maegan sent me a quilt for Christmas!  It was made with her hands and the fabric was exactly my style, and she knows me, so she knew that.  What she didn't know was that I have been wanting a blanket for my living room to cuddle under with my hubby while watching Mamma Mia, or my kiddos while reading bedtime books. 


It is perfect.

Thank you my dear Maegan friend.  Your made my holiday.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Last year I had Heidi's kids over for a pizza and movie night, and we've decided to make it an annual tradition.  This year we watched a classic, The Muppets Christmas Carol.  I had the pleasure of Sagie and Holly joining us as well.005               I couldn't stop smiling seeing all six of those kiddos smashed onto one air mattress.  008      Holly especially seemed to fit a little tight! : )  007         

Once again, it was a fun night....and I'll make sure we pick another great movie for next year.

Christmas Tree

 Photo0066Photo0070  Photo0069 Photo0071

We got our Christmas tree early this year.  Usually it's been a big production for us, but this year we just drove up the hill by our house, spent $10, and had us a tree!  It was fun and spontaneous, and I have loved having a tree all month.010 013

Then I made a cake for Jessica's birthday.....

026 025

And then we decorated the tree030

Sure, this time of the year is busy....but I LOVE all of it.  Yesterday I made treats all day long.  Today I am getting ready for a Primary Christmas party and singing in a Christmas concert.  Next week I get to go to SLC to have a girls night out with my very best friends, I have to do Christmas shopping, sing in church, plan a Primary nativity, and lot's more, and I am looking forward to it all!