Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weekend getaway

So for Jake's birthday I surprised him with Brad Paisley concert tickets and a trip to the beach. Here are a few highlights.

016 edited edited1 edited2 064 We had great seats, and it was a great show! If you listen close, you can hear me scream in this next video. : )

After the show was over we were heading out the door, and Jake started listing off all the things he had to get done the next day. I casually asked him if he'd rather just go to a bed and breakfast on the beach for the weekend. He was thrilled!

073 077 078 081 092 089 094

I like to let the pictures tell the story.

Family Photos....almost

We've had an appointment for family pictures for the last month, and today was the day.  Well, after getting all gussied up, I received the email from the photographer saying we should reschedule because of the rain.  Sigh....oh well, what's a few more weeks having pictures frames on my wall with strangers inside.  Anyway, I couldn't let me nicely backcombed hair go to waste, so here is our attempt at a family photo.   Oh, and the lump in my cheek is a cough drop...I don't feel well today.012

013 014 Why is it that neither of my kids look happy to be taking a picture with me?  Especially that little one on the right.009 Wow, I love those eyes. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Jaxon has been saying funny things lately, I wanted to get them down so I don't forget

While trying to tell Emily his latest Star Wars tale, and Emily not showing the appropriate interest Jaxon comes to me and says

"Nobody understands me!"

So true my young duck, so true.012

While waiting for me to ready myself to leave Heathers house yesterday, he crawls up on my lap and declares

"I give up!"

It made me chuckle.  007

Then today, while he was eating a bag of popcorn and being much too quiet I asked, "what are you thinking about Jaxon"

"the world," He replied

"What about the world," I implored further, although I never did get a response.035

In other news, he learned his whole alphabet (finally) and got a brand new Lego Star Wars toy.  He was very happy about it!011

Sunday, March 1, 2009


These girls crack me up....that is, when they're not making me crazy!


Bye Bye baby mullet


This is her with her cute curly mullet....

 116113 and these are the after photos.  I just took some scissors to her hair today, and just like that my baby girl has a cute little bobbed haircut.  I think she looks a little like Maegan's Abby, which makes me very happy.