Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It’s my birthday part II

I’ve got a lot of cupcake in me right now and I like it!

I had music group this morning, and I loved making them sing for me!  Of course they were happy to oblige.  Cute kiddos.

After music group I ditched my kids and went downtown for lunch with my dad and Heidi.  We went to a Peruvian restaurant called Andina.  The food is incredible!  If you live in Portland and you’ve never been, you need to try it.011 014

I was too anxious to eat that I didn’t get a before picture of the food, but notice how empty the plates are.  Yum!


After lunch (thanks dad!) Heidi and I noticed we were far to close to Saint Cupcake to just ignore, plus, it is my birthday, so we went and got some cupcakes.  I love Heidi in the reflection.016

But now I had a dilemma, I had two little cupcakes from Saint Cupcake, and 5 delicious homemade cupcakes from my Maegan at home.  What’s a girl to do but just eat 3 cupcakes?  So that’s what I did.  It just felt right.  Each and every were delish, but I think Maegan’s had to have been the best.  That cream filling is unreal.  Oh, and she brought me this super cute apron!  Jaxon’s photo skills are a work in progress.  Thanks Maeg and Jera!!

(I love how huge I look in that picture.  I promise it’s just a big prego belly)


And one last thought (for now) on my birthday.

Having a birthday in January means your birthday is in the middle of winter right?  Well, not in good ol’ Oregon.  Today is sunny and beautiful and look at what I found outside.  I feel like it’s springtime!  019

(insert sigh of contentment)

I love my birthday.

It’s my birthday :)

And so far so good!  I got to sleep in until 8:00, which isn’t bad really.  I had fruit loops and cartoons ready and waiting for when the kids woke up.  And thanks to my dad making a trip all the way to Super Wal-Mart, I’ll be having myself some Rice Krispies Treat cereal for breakfast.


Anyone else remember this stuff?  It’s as good as ever.  And of course I woke up to a bunch of facebook birthday wishes.  Birthday’s are good.  They make me giddy.  Okay, this is update 1 of many to come.


Oh my goodness!!!  I nearly forgot the best part so far.  At 11:59pm last night Jake woke me up with a phone call from Heather.  And as I put the phone up to my ear my clock changed to midnight(seriously), and not only did I get a birthday wish from my sister, but a whole classroom full of sweet Zambian children sang me happy birthday as loudly as the could!  It made me so happy. I’m getting birthday wishes from across the globe.  How lucky am I?  [DSCF2250.JPG]

(this picture is an old one, but you have to have an idea!)

Sunday, January 24, 2010


These are the kind of words my poor husband has to look up on the computer nowadays.  He’s taking part 2 of the boards tomorrow, and I have to admit, it will be nice to have him back when it’s all over.  He is very focused when he studies. 

Since we have 1:00 church these days, I’m always trying to find things to do in the morning.  Today, I succeeded in French braiding Sagie’s hair.  I’ve been wanted to learn how to do it forever, and she was patient enough for me to practice on her.  015 016 017 018

Jaxon needed his picture taken as well.  He’s so gorgeous, I couldn’t resist.

Here’s a little art project that got out of hand.  I must admit, I’m the one who started it.  I just grabbed my paint brush and got Jaxon’s belly.  He thought it was just about the coolest thing ever!  Hence the picture you see.005 001

And this is just cute.  I can’t wait to add another one of these to my fam.011

Oh, and my birthday is in 3 days.  Wednesday, January 27th I will be 28 years old.  If you want to bring me a present that’s okay. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

A few funny things I want to remember. 

I do music every Monday in Jaxon’s preschool and I was telling them how I wanted a guitar for Christmas and then I would learn to play it for them.  A little boy calls out “You can’t learn anymore!  You’re a teacher!”  I thought it was so funny, and told him that you never stop learning!  So just for him I’ve been trying my hardest to learn how to play.

Sage managed to get into the freezer this morning while Jake was in the shower and I was still in bed, and grabbed herself a push pop for breakfast.  She told Jake, “I’m not little anymore!”  Oh dear.  And then my sweet husband decides it’s a good idea to give Jaxon an ice cream sandwich instead of cereal before preschool.  Oh well, I guess it’s only fair. 

We took away Sage’s binky about a month ago, and she’s been doing really well with it gone.  Although she’s taken up a new way to soothe herself.  I’m not sure which habit is worse!


I went to the mall early yesterday and was overwhelmed by the number of mall walkers I saw there.  It was fantastic!  I vowed to myself to one day be numbered among them.

My little baby kicks me all the time.  4 months to go.  Crazy!!

So many funny things happen in my day to day life, and it’s so hard to remember them all.  Sometimes I think I should twitter just so I can get them down.  Maybe I’ll just keep a blog of them all week and post them on Sunday.  Yes, I like that idea.  My kids are always making me laugh. :)

Oh, and my birthday is in 13 days.  Just in case you were wondering.