Friday, January 15, 2010

A few funny things I want to remember. 

I do music every Monday in Jaxon’s preschool and I was telling them how I wanted a guitar for Christmas and then I would learn to play it for them.  A little boy calls out “You can’t learn anymore!  You’re a teacher!”  I thought it was so funny, and told him that you never stop learning!  So just for him I’ve been trying my hardest to learn how to play.

Sage managed to get into the freezer this morning while Jake was in the shower and I was still in bed, and grabbed herself a push pop for breakfast.  She told Jake, “I’m not little anymore!”  Oh dear.  And then my sweet husband decides it’s a good idea to give Jaxon an ice cream sandwich instead of cereal before preschool.  Oh well, I guess it’s only fair. 

We took away Sage’s binky about a month ago, and she’s been doing really well with it gone.  Although she’s taken up a new way to soothe herself.  I’m not sure which habit is worse!


I went to the mall early yesterday and was overwhelmed by the number of mall walkers I saw there.  It was fantastic!  I vowed to myself to one day be numbered among them.

My little baby kicks me all the time.  4 months to go.  Crazy!!

So many funny things happen in my day to day life, and it’s so hard to remember them all.  Sometimes I think I should twitter just so I can get them down.  Maybe I’ll just keep a blog of them all week and post them on Sunday.  Yes, I like that idea.  My kids are always making me laugh. :)

Oh, and my birthday is in 13 days.  Just in case you were wondering.


Danielle said...

LOVE the pic of Sage--that will be fun to show her future prom date.

So excited for the Stephanie birthday countdown!!!

Lady Fox said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! You should twitter it all. I am following you, you know. (Is that creepy?) Good luck with your guitar. That is an instrument that would be wonderful to play.

Heather said...