Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Little Lady


Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little Hazy is made of. 

I was so happy to have a day to celebrate just her!  I might have to set aside a day a week from now on as Hazel day.  It was just too much fun.  Of course I went overboard on the planning aspect of the party, I always do (I should get a job as a children’s party planner) but I knew I’d have amazing pictures to look back on the day, thanks to my awesome friend, so all the hours I spent baking every fun treat I could think of, and folding tissue paper and cutting paper for decorations was worth it.


I’m not so sure the sugar and spice quote fits quite as nicely with this little girl of mine.  She’s got some serious attitude!DSC_0411

The singing of the birthday song by a crowd, as well as a burning flame in front of her that she could not touch proved to be too much for Hazel to handle.DSC_0437

Here’s the proof….DSC_0442

But after some prodding, she daintily took small bites of her cake.  Such a little lady.


This is as messy as she got!  We were not impressed, but love her despite her clean face.


Isn’t it funny trying to get a good picture with small kids?  I mean, this is the best we could get, and not a single child is even slightly interested in looking at the camera.  I guess it just captures life how it really is.


I’m pretty sure I mention it every time I talk or write about Hazel, but I love this girl SOOO much!  She brings only joy to my life.  And I’m not just saying that.  She is exactly what our family needed, and I’ll never forget how my life was changed for the better, one year ago today, when she was given to us. 

We love you baby Hazel. 

More than you’ll ever know.


Also, I seem to have lost this baby.  If someone could please return her to me once she’s found, I’d greatly appreciate it. (sniff, sniff)