Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Jaxon has been saying funny things lately, I wanted to get them down so I don't forget

While trying to tell Emily his latest Star Wars tale, and Emily not showing the appropriate interest Jaxon comes to me and says

"Nobody understands me!"

So true my young duck, so true.012

While waiting for me to ready myself to leave Heathers house yesterday, he crawls up on my lap and declares

"I give up!"

It made me chuckle.  007

Then today, while he was eating a bag of popcorn and being much too quiet I asked, "what are you thinking about Jaxon"

"the world," He replied

"What about the world," I implored further, although I never did get a response.035

In other news, he learned his whole alphabet (finally) and got a brand new Lego Star Wars toy.  He was very happy about it!011


Breezy said...

I need to be better at writing the things Greyson says down. I love that Jaxon was thinking about the world, I wish he would have elaborated. We miss you.

missie said...

Preschoolers have a rough life, it's true. And I would like to hear his thoughts on the world, perhaps he could help us all out a little.

Kelsey said...

Kids crack me up. Jaxon does the most. He has more boy in him then any other boy I know. I love it. (But I've seen him be awfully sweet too.)


Kids are so funny. My favorite is when caitlyn says "I JUST CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!" It's totally LEARNED from crack me up.

Sarah said...

so cute!

Lady Fox said...

I love what small children say. It keeps us all in stitches. These were great quotes. I am glad you wrote them down. Cute babies you have Steph.

Stace said...

Can't wait to see that little guy. Luke really needs a buddy. They must relate to eachother since they are so good together.

Heidi said...

I feel lucky to have Jaxon in my life. He's the best.

brenda said...

I forgot to tell Sam Jax's comment about Bobophet (sp?). He's so enthusiastic!