Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Box

My life is richly blessed.  It seems each year at Christmastime something happens that makes me realize how grateful I am for the life I have.  This year it came in a box. 

My dearest friend Maegan sent me a quilt for Christmas!  It was made with her hands and the fabric was exactly my style, and she knows me, so she knew that.  What she didn't know was that I have been wanting a blanket for my living room to cuddle under with my hubby while watching Mamma Mia, or my kiddos while reading bedtime books. 


It is perfect.

Thank you my dear Maegan friend.  Your made my holiday.



Parker said...

oh, i am so glad you got it! the lady at the post office freaked me out, so i was really thinking we'd never see it again. i'm so glad you love it!! i'd had "my" colored fabric picked out first, then i looked at it and thought, "she'd hate this!" so i switched it. see you soon!

Lady Fox said...

I love blankies. Especially if they are made by someone who loves me. You are lucky to get such a beautiful quilt.


Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful, personal gift! I'm sure you will have many memorable cuddles under that quilt!

Krista said...

Stephanie! This is Krista Bingham. I can't believe I found you. You look amazing. What a beautiful family! I hope everything is going well. I have thought so often of you and the good times we had. Merry Christmas!