Monday, March 28, 2011


Cousins with cat shirts


Sunday night fort building, baby liked it best of all


Rainbows after rainy days


Preece Chocolates, especially the kissums (YUM)

preece specialty3

These girls


this boy


This man, and this picture of this man.  Hot stuff


Love….my life


renaelee78 said...

Well I love that you finally started blogging again! :) Your family looks adorable. Growing up so fast. You must be busy. Hope life is good and that you guys are having fun!

Kelsey said...

Don't you love those moments when you just realize how perfect life is. Love you. Hope I can come see you and those tiny treasures soon.

hedrad said...

I love all those things as well. Makes me happy seeing all those pics.

Katie said...

We are all anxiously waiting to hear your thoughts after the "dental practice tour". Call us to let us know! Love Katie

Heidi said...

Those are all really happy things. Especially those chocolates. A constant supply would be a good thing. In fact, just a bite right now would be nice. How would it be?