Friday, April 15, 2011


Hazel turned 11 months old yesterday, and she is learning new things every day.  Here are some of her cutest tricks.

Any time she finds a phone she knows just what to do.  She say’s hi, hi, hi, over and over again with a big smile.  It’s adorable.  She’ll also say hi to anyone who says it first.  So next time you see Hazel, make sure to say hello!


This trick is fairly new.  It’s one that I’ve made sure all my kids mastered though.  A  favorite for sure. 

soo big

She is also awesome on her walker, and just started standing on her own.  She refuses to eat baby food anymore, and has four little teeth.  She is still the best little baby, except for the fact that she keeps getting bigger despite my telling her to stop 10x a day.  Disobedient little cutie.


Heidi said...

So cute!! When are coming to visit next???

hedrad said...

So precious. Her hair is getting dark. I can't believe she's talking. Oh how I miss those kids.

Anonymous said...

hey thats grants trick. Just kiddin. go HAZEL!!!!!