Friday, April 15, 2011

Old photos revisited

I can take pictures on my video camera, and I just put them all on the computer today.  Here are some of my favorites.

Check out the size of this apple!!!  It was nearly the size of her head.  IMG_0142IMG_0144

Jaxon giving Sage a makeover.  I was happy I caught this moment without them noticing.  Jaxon has got to be the best big brother ever!IMG_0160

Jaxon was posing for his first day of school.  I can’t believe he’s almost done with Kindergarten.  Seriously, where did this year go?


This is Sticker.  Isn’t he cute?  He’s our poor little gecko that died.  This was him in his better days.  We sure loved this little guy.  RIP StickerIMG_0165IMG_0166

I love this picture of the kids shucking corn with Nana and Papa.  Makes me excited for those sunny, hot, corn filled days to come.IMG_0169

Cousins Hazel and Ava.  That second one of Hazel just cracks me up.  I can’t wait for these two little girls to become best friends.


We put curlers in Rapunzel's hair one morning.  Sage wanted her princesses to have pretty curled hair like she did.  It didn’t work, by the way.  I was tempted to use a little product and try again.  Let’ s be honest, this game was probably more fun for me then it was for her.


And last but not least, for dinner on Tuesday we had quesadillas.  The kids made cheese men while they ate.  Jaxon’s is holding a light saber.  I’m okay with my kids playing with their food if they are this creative!IMG_0192


Heidi said...

That expression on Hazel is priceless! Love it.

abbadabba said...

That looks a lot like Grant! Nice cheese men guys.