Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Everyday happenings

Sage talks in a British accent when she plays pretend.  I love it.

Hazel is just weeks away from her first birthday.  It makes me want to cry.

Jaxon can READ!  It’s been amazing to see my sons world open to these magical letters on a page.  It makes me anxious to teach Sage. 

         IMG_0198                   (Everyday moment in our home)

Sage can ride her bike with no training wheels.  It took her literally 30 seconds of Jake holding on to the back of her bike before she was on her own.  It took Jaxon 2 miles.   She’ll be our little athlete for sure.

Hazel took her first step on Sunday, April 17th.  It was sort of an accidental step, but a step non the less.  Jake is determined to have her walking before her birthday….I just want her to STOP growing all together. 


Jaxon has class pictures yesterday, and I forgot.  His hair was more than slightly crazy, and was made worse by the helmet head he got from riding his bike to school.  I had to run home to get his picture packet, and by the time I got back to his classroom, someone has fixed his hair.  I’m that parent- the neglectful, send your kid to class pictures looking like a homeless child, (his pants had a giant tear in them (didn’t notice until I was dropping him off)) parent.  Oh well, at least I’m honest with myself.


Sage and Jaxon have been playing SO well together.  She’ll play Star Wars, and he’ll play with babies.  She’ll do Legos, and he’s happy to play Hello Kitty.  And they can create all sorts of adventure together in the back yard.  I love them both desperately for it.

All three kids are sleeping in the same room right now, and it’s been working out surprisingly well.  So now I have an always empty guest room that’s begging for visitors.

I’ve been sewing these past few days, and I’m thinking I may have caught the bug.  With all the easy, cute tutorials on the internet, it’s hard not too.  It also helps that I have inspiring friends.  Here’s the skirt I made Sage.  I love the owls.  And yes, she’s playing the Xbox….how else I’m I supposed to blog?


Hazel has new tricks since that last post.  She gives kisses, waves bye bye, and shakes her head no with a huge smile whenever she’s doing something naughty. 

Me and the kids planted a garden last Saturday.  Now I stress all day when it’s not covered in sunshine.  My father has such a green thumb, and I’m praying I’ve somehow inherited it.


We went on a weeklong trip through Montana at the beginning of this month looking for possible jobs.  Montana is beautiful.  Just amazing.  After 24+ hours of driving in the car, and Hazel hating 20+ hours of it, I was happy to be home though.  I’m not sure that we’ll end up living in Montana, but you can bet it will be a favorite vacation spot.  We especially loved the carousel in Missoula.P4040182

I didn’t take this picture, but it certainly captures the insane beauty of the placeimage

It’s this little girls birthday next week, and it kills me that I won’t be there to make her a cake with some sort of bug on it.  Looks like it was butterflies this year, and spiders last year.  Holly, keep checking the mail for a present from us!!


I’m loving this spring weather, and all the new flowers and blossoms.  It just makes me cheerful, you know?  Life if good, and I am blessed.

The end


Shane and Amy Jo said...

Freak! Now you're sewing too?!?! That's contagious! Except I'm immune. I swear everytime I look at fabric and a sewing machine I lose hundreds of brain cells.
And that scenic Montana picture...AMAZING!

Sally said...

Love the skirt, so happy to see you've caught the bug. Yes, come to MT! And we love the Missoula carousel too. Annabelle begs to go every time we are in town.

des said...

I love pictures like those. They tell so many stories. Your making big progress in your home- walking?! and bike riding with NO training wheels! Syd thinks she is ready for no training wheels. but she just barely figured out how to ride the bike With training wheels. haha. So glad we have such a good little friend to push us to be better and stronger and braver!

Mona said...

Oh Stephanie! Your children and your life sound so glorious. (I wish you could hear the little English accents here in London -- the children are so adorable! I love to practice my accent with them. Question: Would you be interested in a plane ticket to Portland this summer? as a trade to do Hannah's wedding cake? SERIOUS.

Since we winding up our time here in Europe (going home next month), I so looking forward to resuming my favorite things including following your blogs. I have resurrected my old Sunday blog: Mona's Gospel Musings also, whenever you can drop by. LOVE YOU!!!!!! Mona

Heidi said...

So much wonderfulness.

abbadabba said...

How was Montana? thanks lots and lots for the skirt!!!!!!!! Hope to see you soon.