Thursday, November 19, 2009

Silly night

My kids are hilarious sometimes.  And this was one of those times.  We told Jaxon he could have  a piece of French bread, and this is the piece he choose.  Jake offered him $1000 if he could finish it before bed.  Luckily he wasn’t able to, because we really don’t have $1000 to give to our 5 year old. 049

Next thing we know, Jaxon is dressing up Sage, and Sage knew just how funny it was, just look at that laughing face.  She’s just a goof ball.


  After we had been laughing about Jaxon eating all the bread, Sage needed her chance to try.  Who knew French bread could be so much fun.056 054053

Of course Jake wanted in on the action.  I sure do love my crazy family.057


Jarom and Tara said...

We have a picture of Jake just like that with a pair of underwear on his head when he was about Jaxon's age! The genes carried on!

Jarom and Tara said...

Sorry, these comments are actually from Katie, not Jarom and Tara. I am setting them up a new blog so I am signed in as them. Steph, call me so we can do a cool background for them. Love ya! Katie

Heidi said...

How lucky am I to have these two crazies in my life!

Emma said...

Love the pics.

hedrad said...

I love to see those smiles. Next time I want a picture of you with the underwear on your head.