Friday, November 13, 2009

Good Morning…shhhh

My throat hurts really bad this morning, so I’ve had to whisper to my kids. It’s hilarious. Sage has asked “what?” maybe 100 times, and Jaxon doesn’t seem to notice that I’m not responding to any of the million of stories he tells me in a morning. I don’t know that I’d survive long without a voice with my two noisy kids!

And here’s some fun little videos. The first is for Aunt Heather. Hopefully you’ll get your package soon, and you can see that it was packed with love from the little ones, the 2nd one was after we got our webcam and were trying out all the fun voice changing features. I’ve seen it so many times, and I laugh every time. :)




Lady Fox said...

Love the videos! I think the funniest part about the second one is you. You are good at wrestling. You really should win one of those big belt buckle things. I could see it now; your name up in lights. Starfire Steph... something like that. (Hee hee.)

hedrad said...

Well that is just about the sweetest things I have ever seen. Love, love, love the videos of the kids. So cute hearing them say Africa. More videos! More videos! More videos!

Heidi said...

Love those videos! We sure have cute girls.

abbadabba said...

That last video was the most funniest theing in the world! Espetially when Jaxon came on! That was awsome!!!