Friday, July 11, 2008

Prego Fever Book Club

When Jake and I started dental school here in Oregon, I was so excited to get to know the wives of the students and make all sorts of new best friends.  Well, as it turned out, almost all of them were childless and had some career where they were busy and made money.  This obviously was not going to work out well for me, seeming as I had one child already and was 3 months pregnant with #2.  Sure enough we didn't have much time to spend together, as they were busy with work, and let's be honest, it much easier to be friends with others who have kids. 

Well all of that has changed.  One by one these girls have become pregnant, although there were still a few who were holding out on us.  Now, in a group of 10 who meet for book club, I am the ONLY one who is not expecting a little bundle of tears and poop.  Oh, I mean bundle of joy! : ) I am beyond thrilled for all of them, and beyond thrilled that I am not one of them! 

One by one at our book club the pregnancies were announced.  There were 4 girls who confessed, 2 of which weren't planning on telling, but couldn't resist when everyone else was.  I couldn't stop smiling.  I've literally been waiting for 2 years for these awesome women to join the motherhood club, and they all just happened to do it at once.  We have due dates every month from August to March.  I just keep thinking we should be on Oprah or something. 

So congratulations to all of you!  Let's just hope it's not contagious!


Sarah said...

How fun! And the worst is over! Yeah!

Bridget said...

That's great. I bet you will have so much fun showing them all the ropes of motherhood.

Mahina said...

it seems like our book club had the same sort of thing going on around the time that i got pregnant with kale'a. it was fun to have so many of us prego at the same time and all due very close together!

awww, why not just jump on the book club pregnancy bandwagon! ;-) haha!

Heidi said...

Don't give in!


Oh come on know you want one!