Sunday, November 14, 2010

All About Hazel


Today is my sweet little Hazy’s half birthday.  Six months ago today I went through the most intense natural childbirth experience and brought my sweet little angel into the world.  039

I ADORE this little girl.  Me and her are like two peas in a pod.  She’s my first baby to be a real momma’s girl, and I hate to admit that I kind of love it.  Just tonight she was happily sitting on her daddy’s lap, and when I walked into the room she just started crying and trying to figure out a way to get to me.  I’m not so sure that daddy thinks it’s as cute as I do. : )  She loves my hair and plays with it (pulls it) whenever I hold her over my shoulder.  It’s sweet.


She is a great little roller, and can get around our entire front room no problem.  She loves to eat, and is already a pro at eating those little Gerber star things.  IMG_1143

She’s still not sleeping through the night, but we hope to remedy that soon.  Plus, with a face like this, I don’t mind so much helping her out in the wee small hours of the morning.007

She loves her momma best, but I think Sage would probably come in number 2 (sorry Jake)  Anytime Sage comes around Hazel squeals in delight.  It’s very cute.IMG_1139 

She’s such a good, sweet, little baby, and I’m so happy she’s mine.


We love you Hazel

aka Meepers, Goober, Hazy, and sissy



renaelee78 said...

Great post. She looks so much like Sage. You're looking fab too mama!!

Trina said...

Soo cute! What a sweet post!

Maegan said...

mmmm, she's very cute! i love all of her little outfits and her happy little smile!

hedrad said...

I can't wait to eat up that little face. She's so adorable and such a great dresser.


She is so sweet. And what a great momma she has. Who wouldnt ADORE YOU??!

des said...

HOW did I miss these posts? I seriously don't think my blogroll updated them properly. I'm so sorry. It makes me sad. I LOVE Hazel, she smiles at me. and she is so beautiful.
I loved seeing the picture of you holding her right after birth. It's fun to see times when I didn't know you.
such a beautiful family. Love the green dresses.

Sarah said...

ok that picture right after you delivered Hazel makes me never want to have a natural birth. You don't look to comfortable. It was great seeing you this last weekend, hopefully next time it will be longer.