Monday, January 24, 2011

“Let’s go on an adventure kids”

Little did I know how adventurous the day would become.

I’d heard so much about Table Rock since moving to Boise.  A great short hike right in town, awesome views, not too difficult.  Even my neighbor said she hiked it everyday in the summer and ran down for exercise.  Seemed so easy, just a hop skip and a jump to the top.  So it seemed the perfect family activity on our sunny Monday off. 

We got bundled up, but I unfortunately, had left my only pair of athletic shoes in Oregon over Christmas so I was stuck wearing my trusty Teva sandals.  No big deal, I thought, I do everything in my sandals.  Boy, was I wrong.

At the very start of the trail there is a sign that warns if there is mud on the trail then don’t hike it.  Well, I wasn’t about to let a little sign stop me, so we continued on despite the sticky thick mud being piled up on our shoes.

 092 095

But before long, the trail dried up and all seemed smooth sailing.096 098 099

Hazel had the right idea.  This is the only way to hike!100

Before long the mud was back.  And it was back in full force.  Here are Jaxon’s shoes being swallowed up in the earth.  This happened only after I had gotten Sage’s shoes out of the same predicament.   And as I was rescuing both children, my poor sandaled feet sunk deeper and deeper into the mess.  101 

Here’s what I ended up with.  And all this happened only about half way up the blasted mountain.  But there was no stopping the Christensen’s.  Oh, no.  So I just sucked it up, and hiked barefoot.103


Well, long story short, we got there.  The views were as beautiful as I had hoped and the kids did amazing!!  Hardly complained at all.  (I’m pretty sure, okay positive, that I did most of the complaining) 105 106 107

The hike down was wonderfully uneventful, and we were all very happy see our car beckoning us in the parking lot.

We felt we deserved something great for accomplishing such a feat, so we grabbed my free birthday meal coupon and made our way to Tucanos for lunch/dinner. 

Tucanos is amazing, by-the-way.


So the moral of the story is, yes, hike Table Rock, but please, whatever you do,  don’t wear sandals.111


Trina said...

That is a crazy adventure. I've had a couple like that. And you guys moved to Boise? I had no idea! :) How fun! Some of my good friends from beauty school live and work there.

Darilyn said...

I love Sage's hair blowing in the wind. You are a better woman than I for hiking barefoot in mud. I didn't know there was a Tucanos in Boise...very cool. And did you know there is now a Cafe Rio in Boise? I will be stopping on my way to SLC next weekend. Want to meet up?

Shane and Amy Jo said...

Oh man...I just love that you did this!!! Every time I think about it, I get the giggles. Way to be determined....I can totally picture!!!
Oh, p.s. 1 more day till your case you were wondering!

des said...

I love these posts. LOVE them. you should post more. haha. JK.
I love seeing the pictures of your family. You talk so much about them and now i don't have make-believe people in my head. REAL people. what a fun group.
We should do a couples came night and try out one of those games you were playing.

This HIKE. for some reason I pictured your muddy glove a little less muddy. Holy cow. haha. how crazy, but amazing you are. I need to get my kids out and follow your example. such a good little mommy you are.
I loved the pictures. I like Amy just laughed and laughed. After hearing the story and now reading and seeing the pictures is awesome. So funny.

oh. happy birthday.

Lady Fox said...

Your adventure made me laugh out loud. Sounds like you guys made a lasting muddy hiking memory. You just gotta love those.

hedrad said...

Any sign restricting me from something is sure to be ignored. The sign only invites an adventure and that's exactly what you had. So fun.


YOU CRACK ME UP! and like I've said 1000 get more and more beautiful every year! not fair! love your guts!