Saturday, September 15, 2012

Catch up?

Is that really even possible?  I’ve got a quiet house, Sarah Bareilles Pandora radio on in the background, so now’s as good a time as ever to try. 

The kids started Soccer last week.  I love it.  I love seeing my kids running, moving their bodies, begging for water, and being part of a team.  I love the parents that get really into it, which I’m guilty of at times.  Sage made an awesome goal today and I nearly fell out of my camping chair!

SLR 223

Okay, so she doesn’t run the whole time, sometimes this happens.SLR 236

But she’s a trooper.  I can tell already that she’ll be our little athlete.  SLR 242

Jaxon, on the other hand, has a bit tougher of a time.  He’s more of a scholar than athlete.  But he got a few good kicks in last week, and is currently playing his second game with dad watching on.

  SLR 248

This is where you can find Jaxon through most of the game.

SLR 254

Cooling off with the team.

SLR 256

Having two kids in soccer sure makes me feel like I’ve achieved true motherhood status, that’s for sure.  With two practices a week and two games on Saturday, life got lot’s crazier. 

But these two are worth it.

iPhone pictures 123

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Kelsey said...

I had big plans for this summer and fall. The kids were going to do soccer and swimming, start dance or gymnastics. But my poor neglected kids got nothing because I was big huge prego. Maybe next year I'll be a good mom.