Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jaxon’s birthday!!

8 years ago….EIGHT!  That’s nearly a decade I’ve spent with this little man of mine.  We kept the party simple this year, so we could focus more on the importance of his baptism.  Although, simple for me it a relative term. 

Can you sense the excitement?

  SLR 065

He got a Swiss army knife.  I guess Jake has a thing now where Jaxon gets a weapon every year….WHAT??  I never okayed that deal.  Last year it was a bow and arrow, this year a knife…I shudder to think of what might be coming.

SLR 066SLR 067

After presents we got to go bowling and have pizza, which is always fun.  I was happy to have family join us.  They made it a party for sure!  Especially the part when John beat everyone in the dancing game….and was proud of it?! 

SLR 070SLR 076SLR 077SLR 082SLR 085

Then we got to go dig into Jaxon’s cake.  He’s so cute to want to design it himself, that I allowed my 8 year old a 3 layer cake.  Who does that?  He’s so specific too.  I guess that’s what comes from being the son of a cake decorator.

SLR 099SLR 100

This kid has been a joy to raise from day one.  He’s smart, so very kind, a wonderful big brother, and always trying to do what’s right.  Sure he’s the messiest kid I know, but I wouldn’t change a thing about him.

Sure love this kid!!

SLR 122


Desarae Fowler said...

while Hazel has changed dramatically the past year Jaxon looks the exact same. even same cute faces. I love it. happy big 8. what a milestone. are we that old?
I can barely barely get a glimpse of you and that belly.... :/ I would like to see you pregnant. I bet you are the cutest thing ever.

Emma Westhora said...

Congrats Jaxon! We love you!

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