Monday, September 17, 2007

Our Blog!

I don't claim to have that interesting of a life, but if you are ever curious on what's happening in our little family, now you have a place you can find out. Hopefully it will be a place I can write down all the cute things my kids are up to so I don't forget...because let's face it, somehow sitting in front of a computer is much easier than sitting in front of a journal. Enjoy!


Stacie Raddatz said...

Love this!

Mahina said...

glad you started a blog! are you prepared for the addiction???

Laura said...

Yaaay! I was so excited to see a reply from you in my inbox. I'd emailed you a couple times and never heard back. Can you imagine how much MORE excited I am to find you have a blog?! Probably not. I'm pretty dang excited!