Thursday, September 20, 2007

Look at these cakes!

So I just finished making these cake, and I felt like putting them on display because Jake's not around to ooh and ahh over them. I'm happy with the Little Mermaid, not so much the Hot Wheels. Probably because I did that one second. Oh well. Oh, and I just got another order to make a wedding cake on November 10th! This will be #3. Very exciting.


Tashina Karren said...

Oh my gosh! I am so impressed! Who knew you could do such amazing things! (Not to say that you're not amazing in general) I just love when people "find" a talent. Because I'm sure that you always enjoyed it but now you are turning it into an actual skill. Who knows where it could take you?! Anyway, I'm just so proud. (Your babies are darling by the way. But of course you already knew that.)

boydeardenflies said...

Oh my heavens, that's so funny I just gave you advice on cake making and then I come and read your blog and who knew? you are pro already and I'm definitely NOT. So scratch all that cake idea stuff! :)