Friday, January 18, 2008


It's been 15 years today since my mom passed away. So please, for me, call your mom (if you are blessed enough to still have one on this earth) and tell her you love her. Because I wish I could.


chumly said...

As long as we remember they still live.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, that's so sweet! Thanks for reminding me about how important mothers are. I'm sure she's smiling down from heaven at you.

Bridget said...

How are you feeling today Stephanie?? You were so, so young to lose your mom. I really feel for you. Did she die suddenly or was she sick?

Yes, I am sure your mom is very proud of you. I hope your day today wasn't too sad.

Kelsey said...

Hey Babe. i hope you did something great with your family for D-Day. I took some flowers up for you. I love you.

Mahina said...

i am so sorry to hear that. hope your day was good, despite the anniversary.

i will go call my mom! thank you for that!

jeff&missy said...

Your mom is soooo proud of you. You are all she could have hoped for in a daughter. You have always been such a great example to thanks. I remember the days we sat all together at her graveside and laughed and cried together. Love you Steph...BFF

Mrs.Misses said...

I remember how your mom told me I should get nose job, if I really wanted to. I was complaining about my big schnoz and she was so cool about it.
She was an amazing woman, Steph, and you can tell just by the people that you have all become. And look at what an amazing mother you are!
Like mother, like daughter. They say children learn the most from their parents in their early years.
Love you guys!
(PS Why haven't Heidi and Heather started a blog!!!)

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