Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Jaxon had his first day of primary last Sunday and just loved it! Jake and I had a little lesson about Sunbeams, and Jaxon was just sure that Jesus was actually going to be in primary! We had to correct him a little on that one and let him know that Jesus would be in his heart. The rest of the morning he kept telling us that Jesus was in his heart. What a sweetie!


brenda said...

Every night my girls have a ritual of asking me what we do tomorrow. Last Saturday night I asked "do you know what tomorrow is?" and one of them said "the day Jaxon comes to primary!" (Don't know how they clued into that, but I thought it was cute.) He also made Maia's New Years "favorite things" list. (We keep a little journal of our resolutions, height/weight, favorite things, etc.)

Bridget said...

What a cutie! And where did you find his tie? I really want some for my boys and I can't find them.

Sunday was a big day for me. I am officially done with kids in the nursery. After 6 years now of having someone in there, all my kids are in Primary. I can't believe it.

Mrs.Misses said...

Cam started Primary, too. Can you believe our babies are getting so old? He did a pretty good job, but maybe I'll have to give him a Sunbeams/Jesus in Your Heart lesson. Cute!