Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cousin Dinner Picnic

I know this looks like a cute little thing that I did for my cute little nieces and nephew, but in reality, I just wanted to feed all 6 kids, and somehow manage to keep my house clean.  But it was so fun, it might just have to become a little good weather tradition for us.   I especially love Sage and Holly’s faces….not so sure about Connor though.  I promise he was happy before and after the picture was taken.006


Heidi said...

I felt impressed to look at your blog, and comment of course, and I found this adorable picture of my kiddos. Nice to know they are being well fed when Mom can't do it for them. Hard to believe that these days will come to an end in by next summer. Arghh.

Melissa @ A Child at Play said...

Love picnics - a few shakes and clean up is done.