Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Zoo Lights

Most days Jake doesn’t get home from school until 6:45pm, with just a half an hour before it’s time to get the kiddos in bed.  But on rare occasions he’ll show up at 3:00 or earlier!  Well, I like to make the most of those days, so on this particular one, we headed out the door to Zoo Lights.  It had been raining all day, but had stopped just minutes before.  So not only was it a pleasant evening weather wise, we were also one of the few people at Zoo lights that night.  It made for a great adventure, and anytime my kids get to run wild is a good time.  Also, I was impressed that they weren’t scared by all the large animals walking around the place.  I wasn’t so sure about that lion, but the kids were more than happy to have their picture taken with it!

002 004 Ahhh, don’t eat me!005 003


Darilyn said...

How in the world did you get a picture under the pretty wreath arch without a million other people in it? I've been trying to get one for years now and have not been successful. Way to go, it's gorgeous.

abbadabba said...

I really wish I could've been there, it seems very fun. (Even though I went there last year.)