Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finish an awesome puzzle and glue it together

Lovin’ my list!

This was especially fun because the puzzle was so perfect for Jaxon.  We let them do most the work, and they did awesome!012 014

The very last piece!015

Here’s the finished product.  We glued it together and stapled it to Jaxon’s bed.  Oh, did I mention it glows in the dark?  I told you it was awesome.

012And here’s one of Sage wearing Nanna’s glasses.  :)011


Stace said...

That is a cool puzzle. Luke would love that. We should glue some of ours - never thought of that before.

Megan Marie said...

Great idea! Love it! And glow in the dark? Fancy!

Kelsey said...

We just started puzzles with Aliah, but the problem is I'm HORRIBLE at them! (Thus I don't like them much.) Even her 25 piece ones are hard for me. What I do love is that Sage's hair looks exactly like Aliah's! And I'm kind of obsessed with the gumball machine shirt she's wearing. I need one for the girls now.