Sunday, February 7, 2010

Party anyone?


This is the season of parties in my family, that’s for sure.  1st there’s Heathers, then mine, then Sage…all within 3 weeks, then a few weeks later is Jakes.  Crazy!  So we’ve been having a great time partying.  Here are some highlights.

My birthday, part III

I never got to finish off how the day ended, and it’s oh so important, so I’ll squeeze it in After the delicious lunch and cupcakes, I took a short, but much needed, nap.  Good thing for Little Einstein's which kept the kids entertained.  Then the Bruno’s had me over for Fondue, presents and cake and ice cream!  I’m so spoiled.003 016               Heidi made my cake.  Isn’t it lovely.  The kiddos sure thought so.023              And what party would be complete without a game of charades?

I came home full, exhausted, and content with another successful birthday.  Can’t wait for next year!

Onto yesterday.  Sage’s 3rd birthday.  Really I’ve felt like she’s been 3 for the past 6 months, so it’s nice to have it official.  Sage loves anything pink, so I decided on a pink princess theme.  After reading a cute idea online about having a real princess come to the party, I just had to make it happen.  Luckily I’ve got some royal connections and was able to get Princess Glimmer to come.  057

It was magical, to say the very least.  She read a princess story to the kids, and gave them each a certificate that said they were real princesses.  I also had a little jewelry box with a ring in it for her to give to each girl.  Kari did an amazing job as the princess, and Sage is still talking about it.  You’re so stinkin’ great Kari!  THANK YOU!!!!  065       We also were able to borrow a princess jump house, and the weather cooperated enough to use it outside.  It was a perfect little party……074    even with this little monster as the star of the show. :)081

After that party wrapped up we headed out the door to the Zoo with Maegan and the kids.  It was such a sunny day, we just had to get out.  Jaxon and Sage loved feeding the birds.            088 090

Next it was off to Chuck E. Cheese for a bit.  Heidi got all the kids tokens to play for a little while.  It was nice to finally just sit for a minute while the kids were in Heaven.   098

Whew, okay what’s next.  After that we went home to find grandma and grandpa at our house.  Sage LOVES her grandma, so that was a special treat.  They were showered with attention and I had a minute to get ready for my Opera date with my dad later that night.  Instead of making dinner for the whole family clan, we went to McDonalds and had happy meals.  If only they had been giving out princess toys, it would have been perfect, but what can you do!  We came home to presents and cake before I had to go.  043 103

(I’m counting this video as my “belly picture”)


It was an overwhelmingly fun day, and I’m so happy to have made it the best for my sweet little girl.  Granted, she tests my patience a lot, but there is so much goodness that radiates from her.  She’s funny and so sweet with her brother and is my kindred spirit.  We both have to be in pajamas all day long. :) '

I love you baby girl.  Happy birthday!109 



Kelsey said...

I can't wait till our kids can go to each others birthday parties. Happy Birthday little Sage!

Kari and the Boys said...

Stephanie, you are the birthday Queen. Sage is adorable and I have got to say I had fun being an adored princess. That was the best birthday party I had been to for a while. p.s. your princess cake looks AWESOME

Darilyn said...

What a fun day for both you and Sage. I love everything you did.

trina said...

you're an awesome mom! i want to be like you when i grow up!

Heidi said...

Love that I get to relive it all again through the post. What a perfectly happy day. And Sage didn't even cry!!

Dave Raddatz said...

I was just thinking. Maybe you could have the princess lady come to my next birthday party.