Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Me and PW

Well, I’ve been reading Pioneer Woman’s blog for a long time now, and she’s taught me a lot.  Most recently being how to make some amazing cinnamon toast.  Who knew I’d been doing it wrong this whole time.  Well, when I heard she was coming to my neck of the woods for a book signing, I was thrilled.  I showed up hours early, with my cook book in hand, and waited for hours after just to have her sign it.  Heidi came along for the fun, and fun it was!   Her website is amazing, and I’ve yet to be let down with anything I’ve made from her cookbook.  Here is a picture of my dad with 2 roasts I made for him, one of which was her recipe and it was good!  It was his last meal before he headed off to Africa to be with Heather.  He has since seen a white rhino, a pride of lions eating buffalo, and been charged by an elephant.  WHAT?  And here I think making him two roasts is special.   038 Anyway, back to PW.  Tomorrow I’m making her sour cream pancakes for Holly’s birthday snack.  They are unreal.  I’m not a huge pancake fan, but these are amazing.   Are you sold yet?  Yes, she’s taught me a lot, and now I have a picture of little ol’ me next to my idol.  I mean, just look at how happy I am! :)054


Darilyn said...

What is a birthday snack? I think I've been missing out all these years. I knew there should be special meals but now that I know the snacks can be special too it opens up a bunch of possibilities.

Danielle said...

so fun and so jealous. i love her too. and love her cookbook.

Kelsey said...

I like how PW is this glamorous California beach looking lady.