Sunday, September 5, 2010

Children’s Garden

Jaxon had his first day of kindergarten last week.  He did great!  I was happy to know that he was a little nervous to jump right in.  He needed me just enough.  So far he’s had a few little sad moments with school, like the day I noticed a tear streak on his face, and after some prodding I learned that he got in trouble for being naughty.  “She told me to leave my sillies at home”  It broke my heart to think of him holding back the tears.  But whenever we ask if he like Kindergarten he says, “of course I do!”  I got to volunteer on Friday and it was good to see him in his element.  That kid can’t wait to learn everything there is to know. P8250280 P8250281  P8250283 P8250284 P8250285 P8250286 P8250288

Jaxon is a great kid.  He has been fishing lots with daddy lately and loves it.  I just never thought he’d be old enough to go a full day with his daddy on the river.  But now he’s almost 6 years old.  He says funny things like “oh mangos” when he can’t have something he wants.  He’s always wrestling with daddy, and loves nerf guns.  I love this kid so much and I’m happy to see him growing up into such a great little man.  I love you Jax!


Heidi said...

Blogs are the best. I'm glad I can see pics and read about all the things I'm missing. Makes it a little less painful.

hedrad said...

Next time I talk to Jaxon I am going to tell him that he better carry his sillies with him everywhere he goes. Nobody tells my Jaxon to leave his sillies at home. That's what's so great about him. He should have just said "Oh Mangoes" when the teacher told him that.

Kelsey said...

I'm so glad that he and Aliah hit it off when you were here. The best was when you said, "Hey Jax you wanna marry Aliah when you get big?" His response, "Sure. If I can find her." What a keeper!