Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Princess Sage

One morning I noticed Sage acting a bit peculiar.  It wasn’t anything too out of the ordinary…..dressing up as a princess and finding all the right accessories to go with it, it was just that this day she was extremely particular about which accessories she had.  She quickly became frustrated with me if I couldn’t help her in finding the exact wand, earrings, or crown.  Eventually my curiosity became too great and I had to figure out what it was she was up to. 

I had to laugh when I discovered the reason behind her busy morning.  She was determined to dress up just like this princess.  princess

It was on the front of a birthday invitation we had received months ago, and yet Sage had managed to keep it away from my -eager to throw anything away- hands.

Can you see the resemblance?  IMG_0188

Yes, I have royalty living in my home.  Adorable


Stace said...

That is so hilarious and cute!!!

hedrad said...

She is adorable! Love that little princess.