Sunday, August 14, 2011

Oregon according to iPhone

I sure love my visits to Oregon, and this one was particularly special.  I got to watch my sweet niece play Gretel in The Sound of Music.  I loved each and everyone one of the 5 performances/rehearsals that I saw, and enjoyed the whirlwind trip to it’s fullest.iPhone pictures 012iPhone pictures 013iPhone pictures 014iPhone pictures 018iPhone pictures 019iPhone pictures 020iPhone pictures 021iPhone pictures 022iPhone pictures 023iPhone pictures 026iPhone pictures 027iPhone pictures 038iPhone pictures 040iPhone pictures 032iPhone pictures 045iPhone pictures 047

Some highlights so that I can remember them….the hamburger place (thumbs up), picking berries unlawfully not once, but twice, freezing summer nights, late night with Robin, Dad’s dinner selection of Pork heart (it wasn’t really, don’t worry), naptime at the children’s museum, and bountiful blueberries. 


Shane and Amy Jo said...

What the what?!?! You're blogging?? And from your iphone no less?!? Well, I full-heartedly support you!

Oh...I never got one of those luscious blueberries. Almost over it. :)

See you tomorrow friend!

Heidi said...

I wanted to rate my favorite pictures but there are WAY too many. Is it the stolen berry picture? Or the one of you stealing a berry? What about the wild look in Grant's eyes or the adorable pics of Sage and Holly? And any Sound of Music picture is a favorite. Or Robin giving me the I'mbetterthanyou look? Did we really experience all that in just a few days? No wonder I was so exhausted!!!!

Katie said...

Sounds fun Steph! We miss you guys!

des said...

yum those blueberries were awesome :)
I'm finally making my way to blogging again. I'm sorry I missed this for so long. I LOVE when you blog. you HAVE to do it more now. you know that don't you. and remember pics of you.