Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ah, the memories

About a month ago, my computer got a virus.  About a week ago, I thought I had lost everything on my computer.  Every picture, every video.  I began searching my computer calmly, and then not so calmly, until, in tears, I accepted the fate of all the precious memories I had lost.  I was sick about it. 

But, there’s a happy ending to the story.  My amazing brother saved the day, and managed to restore everything that the dang virus had hidden from me.  Hallelujah.

I spent most of that evening looking through my gold mine of memories.

Obviously it’s impossible to forget these days, but I can’t imagine having lost the pictures

jake67january and february 2007 042 


This, on the other hand, I wouldn’t mind forgetting.  Yikes!


My sweet little Jaxon.  Life was so quiet and simple back then.  He was such a good baby, and I could stare into those eyes forever.107_0773111_1107

Did you know I ran a half marathon?  I have the pictures to prove it! Smile


Rexburg, Hyde Park apartments during a rainstorm.  I love this picture, what fun dad!


And what about all the different hairstyles?  I’ve been through a lot!  Plus, all these pictures have such fun memories associated with them.  The sisters at Dad 60th birthday (I think). Heidi and I dressed the same of Valentines day, Jake and I newlywed and childless, ah those were the days!

sisters 2_edited-1val4Steph and Jake002

Here’s from a couple of days ago.  I love this picture.  I love this baby.

iPhone pictures 232

Just a few more….this is too much fun.

There are few things I love more than watching my little 1 year old eat cake!!  I feel like Sage and Hazel look identical in these pictures.


I don’t think I’ll ever forget how much Sage cried as a baby.  That girl was just unhappy for 12 months straight, I swear.  Okay, it wasn’t that bad.

March and April 024March and April 051May 010

Although, some things never change

iPhone pictures 235

hehe, love you Sage!!

Okay, really those are the only sad pictures I have of the girl.  Most of them look like this

iPhone pictures 210dads pics 053014May 046July and August 046July and August 098

And I miss this little superhero. A lot.


My life is so blessed, and I am grateful to have all these wonderful memories to look back on and remember.  Now I’m off to go make some more!!


iPhone pictures 239

And yes, everything is safely backed up on a hard drive.  I learned my lesson.


des said...

I loved all those pictures!!! Too much to say. I love your hair dark!!!!! but then the picture right below- I love your hair now, long and light. your just too beautiful, you can pull off anything.
Sage and Hazel do look identical! but then below I don't think they do? Sage looks like sage! I miss that little boy too.

hedrad said...

Don't stop! I loved going down memory lane. Looking at these pictures was like having binkie and elephant...soothes the soul.

Kelsey said...

I thought erased the pictures of Kimball at the hospital. It wasn't ALL my pictures but I still perfectly remember the pit in my stomach and the sobs over the phone to Spencer and him freeking out because all he could understand was, "Kimball." He saved the day. Hooray for computer people who can save the day!!!


I am so Jealous!!! I've always wanted to do Hood to Coast. AND...Could you be more beautiful?? Seriously. I think you just get prettier every year!