Wednesday, January 4, 2012


But first, can I post a few Halloween pictures?  I know, that’s was eons ago, but I’d really like to document it.  Thanks for being so understanding

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Mr Veggie Bones made his appearance again and was eaten up by a ghost, mermaid and cupcake.

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What a fun holiday.  Okay, well as long as I’ve started, how about we throw in Thanksgiving as well?  We had lots of food, good friends, puzzles, and Heather.  What else could a person possibly need?

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Oh yes, lots and lots of pie!

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Okay, I think I’m ready now.  Christmas!  Can you believe it’s over?

We saw Santa (3 times), found and decorated the perfect Christmas tree, ate our daily candy cane for our countdown to Christmas, the kids were in the Primary Nativity, we had a gingerbread house making party with friends, dressed up as Rudolph and Santa on a daily basis, took a quick trip to Utah to see friends and family, visited the new Boise aquarium, and kept with tradition and made amazing gingerbread houses with Heather.  I rarely turned off the tree lights and Christmas music.  Our home was full of the spirit of Christmas.


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And then, all of a sudden it was Christmas Eve.  Santa brought the kids exactly what they wanted, and I gave them everything else they didn’t know they wanted.  The kids really understood this year that we were celebrating Christ’s birth, and were sweet to always be drawing nativities or acting out the angels and shepherds. 


I’m pretty sure that I was the most spoiled of all.  Jake bought me a new SLR camera, and I love it.  As as kid I always dreamed of becoming a National Geographic Photographer, and now I’m well on my way. 

Just a few more pics from Christmas day courtesy on my new fun camera.  We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas program at church put together by yours truly, the choir did an amazing job, and I just felt blessed to be a part of it.  We got all dolled up in our new Sunday clothes, played with lots and lots of toys, made and ate a yummy ham dinner, played some more, made and ate homemade donuts (new tradition) played a bit more and went to bed happy and full.  It’s been fun these past two years to have Christmas with just my own little family and make new traditions that will last the rest of our lives.  I love to imagine Sage and Hazel as mothers, hanging up the Santa Claus candy cane advent for their kids, just like my mom did for me and I do for them.

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You were good to us Christmas, can’t wait to see you again!


Maegan said...

looks like your whole month was filled with wonder! you have such a knack for that. the simba and nala for sage are my absolute favorite. i had to show abby and she was thrilled for her. they will be crazy lion players next time they see each other! that gift made me very happy.


LOve all of these pictures. Especially the one of just you. Could you be more beautiful?!? Seriously. So gorgeous. Love your dress. Miss you already!!

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. I just wanted to thank you for making our last day at the ward so special, the music was amazing and the spirit was SO are so incredibly talented and we will miss you and your family!

Kelsey said...

Fun fun. Love the homemade doughnuts the best. We do that every Halloween, and it's definitely my favorite part too. And of course so glad you came down for our girls night!