Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fun in the Hot Tub!

They are keeping our hot tub open for the winter and we couldn't be happier about it! I'm going to make good use out if it. These first 5 pictures are funny because they are our attempt at getting Jaxon to look at the camera and smile for more than a half second.

He'd just right then looked away

So close
I can now see where he gets it! Just kidding Jake!
Here he just went under the water and is couging it all up. Crazy kid!

Me and the kiddies. Thanks to my new friend and cousin Jackie for inspiring me to take more pictures of myself and my kids.
Okay, now we are attempting a picture with all of us. I should have known it would never happen. This one has everyone but Jaxon...surpirse, surprise.
Now we're losing Sage.
Well, at least Jake and I look pretty!

So that's our fun in the hot tub. It really is nice to have something we can do as a family in the evenings that is free and makes the kids tired.


hedrad said...

looking forward to joining you on one of your hot tub adventures

Darilyn said...

I can't tell you how many times Chris and I wished we had that hot tub available in the winter when we lived there. I'm glad they finally figured out it was a good thing to do.