Sunday, December 30, 2007

I've been tagged!

Well, I dodged the bullet long enough, and my turn has come. So here it goes....

5 things I was doing 10 years ago
Hehe, this is going to be fun. Instead of making a list, I'm going to share with all of you out there in blogging land, my journal entries from ten years ago. The first is dated November, 20th 1997...a little over 10 years ago.

"Dear Diary-
Okay, I love Ben again. I'm so dumb. He's so cute! I'm going to start talking to him. My goal is for him to ask me to Senior Prom (hi, this is adult Steph with and interjection. I was only a sophmore, and he did ask me! Go Steph!) That would rock! But I still like Steve and right now I'm sort of leading him on right now, but that's okay right? J/K! Well, gotto go to sleep.

Love, Steph

Now we have an entry from February 16th, 1998. A little over 10 years ago. Here goes. (please don't judge me because of how I was at 15!)

Dear Diary-
Well, I am making major progress with Ben. I love that boy so much. At the Valentine's Dance on Saturday, we danced 4 times. He asked me twice, and I asked him twice. :) But I bet we'll end hooking up. That would be fun. But let me tell you about my love for Steve Solen! When I went to Utah we had a party at Sarah's house and watched a scary movie and me and Steve totally cuddled through the whole thing. It was awesome. And then he was at a Stake dance the Saturday after I left and he dedicated the last song to me and pulled Kelsey in close as if she were me. : ) But they didn't dance close, so that's good. Well, I went driving for my first time today. Fun fun! I'll get my drivers licence soon. Yeah!


So pretty much a was doing a whole lot of nothing 10 years ago!

5 things on my to do list (tomorrow)
1.Go to Party Depot for silver balloons and decorations. HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE PARTY!!!
2. Watch Heidi's kids at 1:30
3. Buy milk, pasta, bananas, and cereal at the store.
4. Make jello jigglers, snowflake cookies, and other delectable treats for NEW YEARS EVE PARTY!!!
5. Attend the much anticipated NEW YEARS EVE PARTY!

5 Snacks I enjoy
1. Chocolate milk. I think of that as a snack
2. cereal straight from the box
3. Popcorn
4. Ice cream sandwiches
5. Tim's Cascade Salt and Vinegar chips

5 things I would do if I were a Billionaire
1. Pay off our crazy Dental School debt
2. Buy the most expensive mini van on the planet
3. Buy a house
4. Travel
5. Do all those other great things, like give to charity and family, and whoever else the heck needed some cash. What am I going to do with a billion dollars anyway?

5 places I've lived
1.Orem, UT
2.Lakewood, WA
3. St. Anthony, ID
4. Rexburg, ID
5. Aloha, OR

5 Jobs I've had
1.Hostess at Stuart Anderson's Black Angus
2. Ice cream lady at Cold Stone Creamery
3. Front Desk person at Bally's Total Fitness in Aloha
4. Waitress at Frontier Pies in Rexburg. I loved that job!
5. MOM!!!!

5 things people probably don't know about me
1. I wish I were a vegetarian, but I'm not, and never will be
2. I hate silky sheets....a lot!
3. I wear pajama bottoms 90% of my life
4. I wish my hair were curly
5. I'm going to be playing the role of Nephi's wife in the musical production, With Mine Own Hand, a musical account of the life of Nephi, which will be recorded on cd and sold at the BYU bookstore and performed at Education Week at BYU in August. YEAH!!!

I'm not going to tag anyone, just because, but I hope you enjoyed the little glance into the life of Steph!


hedrad said...

since when do you want to become a vegetarian? that's super random! dang chicken...just keep strippin' :)

Bridget said...

That was so great. I loved the journal entries! I also wish I were a vegetarian, that's so funny. Congrats on your musical singing part! That is so cool!

And by the way, your hair is beautiful. You really DON'T want curly hair, trust me.

Kelsey said...

I don't remember that dance at all. I'm glad I could be there for you and Steve though. He was way super cute. I still have the picture you sent me of you and Ben at the prom. Good times. Great oldies.

brenda said...

I LOVED that, Steph! I feel like you stole my journal though, and inserted different boys' names. Thanks for the fun New Years, and the follow-up party at Mickey-Dee's. I'm SO SO happy for your upcoming singing/drama venture. I want to hear more about that!

Darilyn said...

Congratulations on your part in the musical production. Will we get to see it around here or will it only be performed in Utah? And I love the Journal entries!

jeff&missy said...

that was hilarious! I am soooo glad I tagged u! I love all those snacks too! you are soooo talented you make us normal moms look bad!
I would drive a mini van by choice too if I was a billionaire! Oh and I am FOR SURE coming to your play and I am bringing EVERYONE!