Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Random Kid Stuff

I just have lots of random things that I want to post of the kids, but don't want to think of clever blog posts to fit them all in. So here they are all bunched together.

The other day, Jaxon woke up just miserable, asking for a band aid to put on his ear. Poor kid. I took his to the doctor that day and confirmed that he had a nasty ear infection. After we got some Motrin in him he was back to his crazy self. He was actually saying cheese for this picture.

Here is the Jaxon that we all know and love. I just think this picture is cute.

I love this one because Sage either looks really tired, or disgusted. Plus her dress is adorable.

There's my cutie!
Here's Sage and Holly when they were just little things. How cute. This picture is for fishing Grandma and Grandpa. This is the Christmas sweater you bought for him. If it weren't for his silly face, you could see that he looks really handsome in it. Thanks!

This is Sage today. She's getting so good at walking, this video doesn't really do her justice!

Here's a little performance from Jaxon and Sage. Enjoy!


Bridget said...

So cute. I love Sage's dress too. I wish they made cute girl clothes for 7 yr olds but they really don't.

Danielle said...

isn't blogging fun! you get to share all these fun things with family and friends that we don't see everyday! how did we survive without blogging/e-mail? fun pictures

Sarah said...

Toooooo cute! Your kids are so adorable. I love those videos. I especially loved it when she shook her head no.

Mahina said...

i love the picture of the 2 baby cousins! adorable!!

Mrs.Misses said...

My 8 month old is just beginning to pull himself up on things, so walking is only a few months aways! Such a fun stage...