Friday, May 2, 2008

The process of making the cake

I've been wanting to do a post like this for a long time, and I finally remembered to take the pictures as I went along. I must preface by saying that I am NOT a professional, and NOT a perfectionist, so whether or not my cakes turn out is a gamble. Today is my nephew Connor's birthday, and when he told me he wanted a Yoda cake, I was a little nervous. But, how can I tell the kid no?! So here is my attempt at a Yoda birthday cake.
I started by baking a cake in a glass bowl to create a round shape for the head, and then trimmed around it to get the right shape for Yoda's head
Here is the picture that I will be referring to, and hope to create a resemblance of some sort to it
You have to start with LOTS of frosting in order to not pull up any crumbs. This is especially important when you are using a cake you've cut, like I did.
I used cardboard to make the ears, I didn't even want to try cake, and then frosted them green! I've also outlined Yoda's face with a toothpick
Here is an attempt at making wispy hair with frosting. Also I've filled in the outlines I made with frosting
Now I've added more detail to the eye, added more wrinkles with a toothpick, and smoothed out my outlines. I've also place it on top of a Costco chocolate cake!
I LOVE THAT CAKEHere's my, oh-so-clever idea-that-I-didn't-come-up-with-myself title for the birthday cake. Get it, because Yoda talks backwards. Oh, and I added an s after say. And here is the finished product. Not bad eh? It's a good thing I've got kids in my life that will challenge me to make Yoda cakes, because seriously, when would I EVER do this?Happy Birthday Connor and Rick! Love ya both!


Elizabeth said...

That is so cute! And I listened to A Love is Born on the audio sampler. Beautiful! How satisfying to be able to share your talent like that!

Stacie Raddatz said...

Yoda? Cool.

Jon and Sarah Jackson Family said...

I could never do that ever. Even I was give ten year, it still wouldn't happen.

Heidi said...

You are amazing? I loved seeing the process. Makes me even more impressed. Thanks for putting the time in for my boys. I still can't believe I thought you might have forgotten. Crazy.

Mahina said...

wow! you put a lot more effort into your cakes than i ever did or will! but the effort shows!

i did make a football cake once for mitch's birthday that i was pretty proud of, but this yoda cake puts my football to shame!

hedrad said...

You are amazing. Who makes cakes that look like yoda? I don't think you could pay a major cake decorating company to do something as incredible as that. Seriously!! Who are you??? So glad I've got you in my family. I sure am reaping the benefits. Wish I had been there to enjoy it.

Danielle said...

holy cow you are so talented! it looks awesome and I bet Connor was totally excited about it. what an awesome aunt!



Bridget said...

OK. I am really mad because my feed for your blog has not been updating so I've missed SO many of your posts. UGH. I love the Yoda cake. YOu are one talented lady.

Sarah said...

That cake looks great!