Sunday, May 18, 2008


We spent last weekend with Jake's family in Snohomish. It's always fun to visit there because it means.....


It's great having both of our kids so close in age. It always makes for fun trips. And I love that picture of Mya and Jaxon. They look like they could be twins!

These two on the other hand seem so different to me. Sagie is SO tall next to Mackenzie. Either that or Mackenzie is just short! : )

Here's my pathetic excuse for a cake...and don't try and tell me otherwise. It was a disaster. It only looks okay because of the distance and angle of the picture. Just trust me! The cupcakes, on the other hand, were beautiful and delicious, as demonstrated by my hubby!

This picture represents the two of them a little better than the first. It's a bit more realistic than two happy smiling kids.

Here Jess with the birthday girl. We had a great time, even though most of us were sick, and can't wait to visit again soon!

And for your viewing pleasure, a random picture of Holly. I think she looks stunning in it, so I just had to post it. If only it were a bit less blurry. Oh well.


Heidi said...

I love all the pictures but of course the last one was by far the cutest!

Heidi said...
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Stacie Raddatz said...

Your right, That pic of Holly is stunning.

Danielle said...

Visiting family is so fun! I wish my kids had cousins closer, we would have to go to Texas to visit ours.