Sunday, October 31, 2010

3 day Halloween

I sure do love this holiday, which made it especially fun to spend the whole weekend celebrating!  Jaxon had his Harvest Party at school on Friday, and then we went to Jake’s work to see everyone in their fun costumes.  Don’t they look great?  Jake wore his stand-by costume, Clark Kent.  He looks good in it, it works.  IMG_1072

We then headed over to Ihop for their free pancakes.  I even got one for Hazel. image Then we decorated the back of the van and got ready for our ward trunk-or-treat.  But not before taking some super cute photos of the kiddos.

She’s my little caterpillar.  SO stinkin’ cute.IMG_1077 

A very excited witch


Awesome white ninja


Sage kept telling everyone that she was the good witch and I was the bad witch. 

Hummm….not sure about that, but I did love our matching tights. 

IMG_1084 image

So Friday was a definate success.  Next came Saturday.  Sage had a birthday party in the morning, and as soon as that was over we went to the Outlet Mall for trick –or-treating.  It was fun to spend time with friends.  image IMG_1091

We had Halloween pasta for dinner that night.  But that was about it for Saturday.  Oh, and our sweet little Gecko died on Saturday.  Sad. 

Sunday started our with a wonderful Stake Conference, and then a fun Halloween dinner.  Thanks to Darilyn’s post, I didn’t have to come up with any of it on my own.

First we had Mr. Veggie Bones.  I’ve never seen my kids eat so many vegetables.  This will be a halloween tradition for sure.

 IMG_1093 IMG_1094

We also had mummy dogs, and Jello Ghosts IMG_1099 IMG_1096

And with all those leftover veggies, I made yummy Minestrone soup.  It was fun having Halloween on a Sunday because I felt like I had all sorts of time to make dinner special. 

And the most important part of this crazy holiday…….


IMG_1103 IMG_1101

Hazy liked it best of all! :)IMG_1102


(it’s always so nice when it’s over)


Heidi said...

You are always so fun on Halloween! Makes me feel guilty for being such a fuddy duddy. I always think I'll do better next year but this was probably the worst year ever! I didn't have you to keep up with. Your kids look adorable. LOVE the caterpillar costume. Glad that worked so perfectly.

Darilyn said...

Your Mr. Veggie Bones turned out way cuter than mine did. He is adorable. Isn't it funny what kids will eat when presented in a different way? Oh, and I love the costumes, looks like it was a very successful Halloween.

Maegan said...

you don't do anything half-hearted! that's what's so fun! your kiddos look adorable and so do you!

hedrad said...

Did Heidi just use the words fuddy duddy? You are so fun. I love seeing the pictures. You're all so cute.