Monday, October 25, 2010

Jedi Academy Birthday

I can hardly believe that Jaxon is 6 years old now.  It seems like with each year he just gets kinder and funnier and smarter,  so I suppose losing my little boy has a bit of a silver lining.  But you better believe I miss this little guy.116_1633

He wanted to have a Star Wars party this year, and I was happy to oblige.  There are countless ideas on the internet for just such a party.  It went a little something like this.

The boys arrived and were given their Jedi checklists that had everything they needed to accomplish to become a Jedi Knight on them.  First, though, they fueled up with mini light sabers (pretzel sticks) and Yoda Soda (lime sherbet and sprite). 

The first task was Blaster Training.  The boys loved this one.  We had pictures of “bad guys” on the side of the house, and they each got to take turns shooting them with a Nerf Gun.  Then they had to use the force, and close their eyes while trying to shoot them.  Kind of a different twist on pin the tail.  It was great.IMG_0934

The next task was Jedi Balancing Training.  The boys had to go across the balance beam once, and then go back the other way while carrying an egg on a spoon.  Can you believe that not one of the eight boys dropped it?  I was amazed.IMG_0936 IMG_0938

Next came Jedi Teamwork Training.  This was my favorite.  The grass became lava, and the boys had to work their way across the backyard while only stepping on pieces of cardboard.  It was cute seeing them try and figure out how to work together to get everyone across.  I loved it.

Here' they are just starting out IMG_0939                                                            Halfway done                                                IMG_0942                                                                   All the boys had to be touching the fence.  They took this so seriously.IMG_0943

Our 4th task was Jedi Obstacle Course Training.  I put Jake in charge of this one and he did great.  Lots of climbing through boxes (good thing we still have so many from the move) and stuff like that.IMG_0944

Next up was Jedi Level 1 Light saber Training and Jedi Level 2 Light saber Training.  We used a black light in the garage, and I found these awesome light up “light sabers” from the dollar tree that the kids used to keep a balloon up  (level 1) and then pop bubbles without hitting anyone else (level 2).  IMG_0946

After they had checked off everything on the list we came inside and I awarded each kid with this jedi certificate

Then we had cake and ice cream.  Jaxon was very specific on the kind of cake he wanted.  He told me NO fondant.  I just think it’s funny that he knows so much about cakes, that he call tell me he wants just buttercream frosting. :)  The cake was HARD to make, but the past couple of years I’ve sort of slacked off on his cakes, so I wanted this one to be just what he wanted.  I think it turned out pretty cute in the end.IMG_0927 IMG_0949

5 out of the 7 guests had Bronco shirts on.  Can you tell I live in Boise now? IMG_0950                                 The kid next to Jaxon is his new best friend.  His name is Ian, and they play every day at recess.  It’s so fun to see my little guy making friends at school.

Last, but not least, was present time.  When the party was over I asked Jaxon what his favorite part was, seeming as I had just thrown an awesome party, and he said it was the presents.  Figures.IMG_0953

All this happened on Saturday, but his real birthday was Monday so he got an extra celebration.  He got to take cupcakes to school, we went bowling, out to dinner, and then opened more presents that night.  Papa Joe even got him a real bow and arrow. IMG_0963

IMG_0970 IMG_0957

Overall, I think his 6th birthday was a good one. 

This kid is one of the best.  Almost every day he helps me become better.  He has such charity for every person in his life, and just only wants to do good.  He’s smart, so funny, and a pleasure to be around.  He always asks in his prayers to help his mom and dad know how much Jesus loves them.  I mean, come on!  He’s helpful, he is a wonderful big brother, even when Sage is beating up on him.  He loves to draw lately, and loves all things science.  He is having a great time in Kindergarten, and is learning to read.  He brings so much joy into my life, and I am so grateful that I was trusted to care for this precious child of God.  IMG_0973

I love you Jaxon.


Shane and Amy Jo said...

Go YOU!!!

What a fun birthday! One day when he looks back and reads this, you will win major brownie points (since our kids really don't fully appreciate things now!).

Whew...I need a nap. I'm now exhausted just thinking about all you did for that party!


Maegan said...

you're the most fun mom ever. he's so handsome! i love the annual fall leaves picture. very cute party my friend!

Heidi said...

Wow! You are the queen of parties. Big or little house, you have to come help me celebrate Grant's birthday. It just won't be the same without you! Sure love that little boy of yours. The offer of a trade with one of mine still stands.

hedrad said...

Wowzers!!! You are out of this world my dear. Thank you for posting all the details. Made me feel like I was there. You are an amazing mom. Love ya!


Way to go SUPERMOM! I know how much work Theme parties are. Just think you get to think all year about how to out do yourself NEXT YEAR! LOL. Love you.