Sunday, October 31, 2010

Practicing for picture day

Jaxon had his school picture day a few weeks ago, and this is us trying to catch the perfect smile.

This is how the dialogue went

“Jaxon, show me how you are going to smile for your picture”


“Okay, not so crazy-like”


“Is that how you smile when you are really happy?”


“Well, show me some teeth still”


“Ummm, okay, we’re back to crazy.  Just show me how you smile when you think about your birthday in a few days”


“You know what?  Never mind".”

I can’t wait to see what smile he chose for the actual pictures.


Heidi said...

I forget how beautiful Jaxon is. I miss looking at those amazing eyes all the time. I really like that nephew of mine.

Kari and the Boys said...

You have got to do a follow up post and show his school picture...the practice shots are adorable! Glad you had a fun guys are always up to something exciting!

browerfamily said...

I completely understand! My son Blake and I just had the same exact conversation and he does a "crazy smile" too! It will be very interesting to see how they smile!

Katie said...

Man, he is so handsome!!!! Love Katie