Thursday, November 1, 2007

Our Halloween

Halloween Fun!! Our Halloween was so much fun. Jake and I absolutly love holidays, and Halloween is in the top 3....maybe 2! The day started with a Halloween themed music group, a was followed immediatley by a quick trip to the Children's Museum with cousin Emily. All the kids were in costume and it was decorated cute. We then went home and I attempted to get Jaxon to take a nap. Finally around 1:00 he fell asleep, and slept until 4:00 (which is probably the reason he was up until after midnight!!!!)

We then had to quickly carve our pumpkins, which hadn't happened yet because we kept waiting for Jake to join us, but with 12 or something tests in the past week and a half, he never quite made it. I never knew I was capable of carving 2 pumpkins in a half an hour. We then headed off to Heidi's house for a delicious dinner and then...... Trick or Treat!
Jake was a dentist....I know, so clever, and I was a cowgirl. Jaxon had so much fun knocking on doors and saying trick or treat. It sure makes holidays a lot more fun having a 3 year old around. After we were finished we came home and Jake and I proceeded to organize all of Jaxon's candy, which thankfully, was not too much.
So all in all, we had a full, fun day. And the best part is, I don't have to do it again for another year! Happy Halloween!


Bridget said...

Very cute. I love that your kids' costumes are warm. Way to be a smart mom with that.

Bouncing Balls said...

So fun. I love that you and your husband even got dressed up! Very cute.


Mark said...

Wow, you guys put me and Mikalann's holidays to shame. We did carve pumpkins and watch a scary movie though.