Friday, November 23, 2007

Sage is WALKING!!

Well, my baby is officially walking. She's not too proficient at it yet, but she's been practicing more and more lately. And, she's only 9 months old! Why is it my kids are so anxious to be all over the place? I guess God thinks I'm up for any challenge!


Kelsey said...

Go Sage! You're a wild child! I hope she doesn't drive you totally crazy. Tell her to stop growing up so fast. I haven't seen her be little enough.

Mahina said...

great cinemotography! was that a self video? lala was walking/running at 10 months! that is way too early in my opinion! way to go, sage!

Sarah said...

I was walking at 8 mo.. My nickname: Miss Mischeif. My mom actually put bells on my shoes. I would disapear, get into things and be so quitet I was hard to find. Hopefully she's just an over achiever. : )